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Books :: Drop City (2005) :: by T. C. Boyle

Utopian schemes always end badly, but that never seems to keep people from enlisting in them -- or from wanting to read about utopias gone wrong, particularly if they've ever been caught up in one.

T.C. Boyle's latest novel, "Drop City," describes the fate of a Northern California hippie commune that relocates to the backwoods of Alaska, with results that are both foreseeable and not.


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TC Boyle Homepage

Books :: Cryptonomicon (1999) :: by Neil Stephenson

Computer expert Randy Waterhouse spearheads a movement to create a safe haven for data in a world where information equals power and big business and government seek to control the flow of knowledge. His ambitions collide with a top-secret conspiracy with links to the encryption wars of World War II and his grandfather's work in preventing the Nazis from discovering that the Allies had cracked their supposedly unbreakable Enigma code. The author of Snow Crash (LJ 4/1/92) focuses his eclectic vision on a story of epic proportions, encompassing both the beginnings of information technology in the 1940s and the blossoming of the present cybertech revolution. Stephenson's freewheeling prose and ironic voice lend a sense of familiarity to a story that transcends the genre and demands a wide readership among fans of technothrillers as well as a general audience. Highly recommended. (1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

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Books :: Riven Rock (1997) :: by T. C. Boyle

When Stanley McCormick, the brilliant but highly strung son of the inventor of the Reaper, marries Boston socialite and MIT graduate Katherine Dexter, the papers call it the wedding of the century. But the marriage is never consummated, and after a disastrous honeymoon, a catatonic Stanley is moved to Riven Rock, a prisonlike mission in Santa Barbara. Diagnosed as a schizophrenic sex maniac, Stanley is to be kept entirely separate from women, including Katherine, who may speak to him only by telephone. Katherine goes on to become a major figure in the burgeoning suffrage movement and even smuggles a steamer trunk full of contraceptives into the country in support of Margaret Sanger, but she never divorces her husband or gives up hoping for a cure. Riven Rock resembles The Road to Wellville (LJ 3/15/93) in its send-up of medical quackery in the early years of the century, but here the fact-based love story takes precedence over satire. This affecting and surprisingly mature novel is Boyle's best book since Water Music (1981). Recommended for most fiction collections.

Edward B. St. John, Loyola Law Sch. Lib., Los Angeles

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Books :: The Diamond Age (1995) :: by Neil Stephenson

Each tale has a moral, although Queen Victoria would hardly recognize the lessons, which include instruction in the martial arts and in the powers and limitations of binary computers. While the final chapters of the novel veer toward the stylistic excesses that marred "Snowcrash," Mr. Stephenson mostly holds to his theme -- which is that the determining factors in human intercourse are cultural, not genetic; that cultures are endlessly plastic, and that some cultures are "simply better than others.

New York Times book review

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Books :: 37.2 Le Matin (1992) :: by Phillippe Djian

This is a full-fledged lovers' tragedy between a drifter-turned-writer and the fatally flawed Betty, his muse and obsessive promoter.

English Title: Betty Blue

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Books :: Snow Crash (1992) :: by Neil Stephenson

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TIME all time top 100

Books :: Love In The Times Of Cholera (1985) :: by Gabrial Garcia Marquez

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Book Review on Gabo

Books :: The Book Of Laughter And Forgetting (1984) :: by Milan Kundera

Kundera is a philosophical writer who doesn't look for easy answers in his novels. Like if you try to achive something but get the opposite.

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Books :: The Hotel New Hampshire (1981) :: by John Irving

THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE is far and away the quirkiest of John Irving's novels. The Berry family raises the bar on dysfunction to dizzying heights, featuring characters each of whom stand alone in their memorable kinks: The detached Father, oblivious to the antics and pain of his offspring; Mother, who floats on the edges of her family's lives; the children, Frank, Franny, John, and later, Lilly and Egg; Sorrow the dog, and the bear on the motorcycle. Family friends, Freud, Iowa Bob and Suzie the Bear --- a human so ashamed of her appearance that she walks about in a bear suit --- all become a part of the extended family in strange and wonderful ways.


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Books :: Watermusic (1981) :: by T. C. Boyle

Set in the late eighteenth century, Water Music follows the wild adventures of Ned Rise, thief and whoremaster, and Mungo Park, a Scottish explorer, through London’s seamy gutters and Scotland’s scenic highlands—to their grand meeting in the heart of darkest Africa. There they join forces and wend their hilarious way to the source of the Niger.


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Books :: The Magus (1977) :: by John Fowles

A young English man moves to Greece and learned who he really is.

This book opened my eyes to something I haven't seen before.

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Books :: The Teachings Of Don Juan (1968) :: by Carlos Castaneda

A contoversy book that was released before 'new age' was invented.

I got something out of it although I am not a fan of new age at all.

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Books :: Atlas Shrugged (1957) :: by Ayn Rand

I probably don't fully agree to the content but it is a interesting approach and it is a good read too

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Books :: The Fountainhead (1943) :: by Ayn Rand

About an architect who tries to build his designs no matter what others think. A book about individualism against team work.

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Ayn Rand Organisation

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