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Music :: Favourite Albums (2013) :: by Various

My top album list of 2012/2013 in random order:

Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest The godfathers of electronic music are back and never sounded better. Reach for the Dead (YouTube)
Dirty Projectors - Swing Lo Magellan Quality guitar play and beautiful (female) voices. Hi Custodian film
GodSpeed You! Black Emperor - Allelujah! Don't Bend' Ascend! Saw them live and they are even better than on CD. Mladic
Arcade Fire - Reflektor Another band I love and had the chance to see live this year. Live video directed by Spike Jonze staring Greta Gerwig.
Villagers - Awayland Complex and catchy with some good poetry thrown in. Nothing Arrived
My Bloody Valentine - mbv It's like no time has passed. In a good way. full album
Laura Marling - Once I Was An Eagle I like her the most when the songs sound like Led Zeppelin III. Live on KEXP
John Hopkins - Immunity A bit of dance floor, a bit of soul and a lot of interesting melodies and noises. Full album
Savages - Silence Yourself A mixture of punk and rock from an all girls band. This is the decade of the girls so far. Live on KEXP
Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City Their best album so far. Not that the others were bad. Cousins (YouTube)

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Music :: Visions (2012) :: by Grimes

Claire Boucher's music is influenced by the entire history of pop and dance. The result is multi layered and catchy at the same time. Use your headphones to discover it. You never heard anything like it mostly because she made it primarily for herself.

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Short youtube docu

Games :: Borderlands (2012) :: by Gearbox

Doesn't matter if you play it in coop or alone. The atmosphere and the funny characters will get you hooked. It's made for adults with brain. It's pulp but it is a Quentin Tarantino style pulp.

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Official Page

Games :: Mass Effect Trilogy (2012) :: by Bioware

Mass Effect 2 and 3 I played for many hours. It has a good mix of storytelling and action. The characters are believable and the many side quests add complexity. And it's not too challenging, sometimes I more and more appreciate. It has a relaxing interesting way to play it.

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Mass Effect Wiki

Tv :: Homeland (2011) :: by Howard Gordon And Alex Gansa

Can TV get any better than this? - 24 hours of ZERO DARK THIRTY so far and there is more to come.

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Tv :: Boardwalk Empire (2010) :: by Francis Ford Coppola

A drama set in the times of prohibition in Atlanta. About crime, politics and money. From HBO produced by Francis Ford Coppola - 'nough said.

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Tv :: Deadwood (2004) :: by David Milch

Another must see HBO series. About the first settlements in America.

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Tv :: Breaking Bad (2008) :: by Vince Gilligan

A chemistry teacher starts to cook methamphetamines to keep his family from becoming bankrupt after he is diagnosed with cancer. But then things slowly get out of control.

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AMC Breaking Bad

Music :: Favourite Albums (2012) :: by Various

My top album list of 2012. Some of them I only discovered recently so the list might still change. Links to YouTube are on the right side.

Chromatics - Kill For Love If you haven't seen the movie Drive yet watch it and then drive through the city at night while listening to Kill for Love. Kill for love
Tame Impala - Lonerism Every song catchy but in a new surprising way. Elephant
Mount Eerie - Clear Moon Indie dream pop for your head phone. Yawning Sky
Julia Holter - Ekstasis Highly structured beautiful songs close to Laurie Anderson. Moni Mon Amie
Swans - The Seer They recorded whatever the f* they wanted and it pays off. No Words No Thoughts

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Music :: Favourite Albums (2011) :: by Various

Bon Iver - Bon Iver Every song is fresh and special in its own way Calgary
Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues Somewhere between New Folk and Led Zeppelin Lorelai
Low - C'mon Slightly up-beat for low. But that makes it my favourite Low album yet. Try to Sleep
PJ Harvey - Let England Shake After her disappointing last album I really like this one. More on the singer/songwriter side. Let England Shake
TV on the Radio - Nine Types of Light Almost every song has hit quality. Second Song
Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes Scandavian electronic/pop as good as The Knife Sadness is a Blessing

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Movies :: Another Earth (2011) :: by Brit Marling, Mike Cahill

A beautiful and smart movie made on a very low budget. Brit Marling is not only the main actress but also writer and producer. The story reminds me on the first Sifi novels I read when I was a teen. They were about ideas and not about space wars.

id 108 :: 2012-01-01 :: Indie :: avi


Movies :: Sunshine Cleaning (2008) :: by Christine Jeffs

A low budget indie gem with Amy Adams and Emily Blunt, two of the best new young actresses playing as sisters.

id 106 :: 2011-07-30 :: Indie :: avi

official page

Links :: Australiar And The F*cking Idiot Dilemma (2011) :: by Geoff Lemon

A good essay about how to influence public opinion and the special Australian ability to follow dumb statements without questioning them.

id 105 :: 2011-07-20 :: ::

read more at Heathen Scripture

Music :: Favourite Albums (2010) :: by Various

Beach House - Teen Dream I was glad to see them life in the Troubadour, a tiny venue in Brisbane in 2008. With this album they finally got their break through. Beautiful dream pop. Zebra - live
Coco Rosie - Grey Oceans Some of the weirdest beautiful songs you will ever hear. Lemonade
Deerhunter - Halycon Digest This album took me by surprise. I liked their other album but this is even better. Memory Boy - Live @Letterman
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Their best album so far if you ask me. The Suburbs
M.I.A - MAYA [180 Gram] I never really listened to M.I.A until now. There is a lot to discover in her music. Bad Girls
Air - LateNightTales This is a compilation from Air. Most songs were new to me. It's just a really good mix of really good music. The Cure - All Cats Are Grey

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Beach House on Tamarama Beach, Sydney

Movies :: Catfish (2011) :: by Henry Joost And Ariel Shulman

But the object of the film’s patronizing, pitying gaze is also the person who saves it: Angela, a woman whose life is, at first glance, a web of self-delusions, compulsive deceptions and plain desperation. Her whispery, sincere, wide-eyed lies and evasions were met, at the crowded screening I attended, with derisive laughter punctuated by gasps of horror. Plain-looking and soft-spoken, she seemed to be either a clown or a monster.

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NY Times review

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