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When pigs fly. The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent ..

.. and a Brief History of the Record Industry Suicide.

Here is a brilliant article about the download / piracy dilemma. Written by an insider who worked closely with record labels. It's already 2 years old but not much has changed since then. It opened my eyes to a lot of things.

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:: posted 2009-12-27

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Year 2009 blog

Das Jahr ist fast zu Ende. Deshalb hier der 2009 blog.

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:: posted 2009-12-20

Year 2008 blog

I was a bit lazy with the updates. So here is my 2008 blog.

Ich weiß ich war faul mit den updates also hier ist erstmal ein 2008 update.

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:: posted 2009-11-21

1996 travel blogs added

I added the travel blogs from 1996 when I traveled Western Australia. Some really nice images there. Especially from the Hammersley Ranges, the best spot you can probably visit in Australia after the Kimberleys.

The travel section is now part of the blog section.

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:: posted 2009-10-24

Moreton Island Images

I added the images from this years Moreton Island trip. It was a great trip.

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:: posted 2009-10-17

Game Art and Design section is open

The last large section is open now. Only the travel section is left inoperative now. I copied the most important stuff from the old page. Still some more work to do but it is a good start. Stay tuned

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:: posted 2009-10-14

Music section is open

I copied all my favourite music entries from the old page. I split them into 2 parts now:

All time favourites: The albums that I enjoyed for a very long time and most likely still enjoy from time to time.

Current tips: Albums that are great and that I enjoy right now. Or that I liked a lot but now don't like that much anymore. I downgraded a few entries from all time favourites to tips. I also added a few interesting recent albums.

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:: posted 2009-10-10

Clonewars: Republic Heroes released.

The game has been released in the US today.

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:: posted 2009-10-06

Germany 2008 - Hüsede

I added the 2nd part of the blog. Olaf and Elke's Wedding party. Don't miss the party video.
Finally I added images for the third part where I visit my family in Nurnberg.

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:: posted 2009-10-03

Section now open

The architecture section is now open. The project viewer is online and a few projects and galleries are added.
I have to add the rest of the projects in the next couple of weeks and look at some images which are of a poor quality.

Architecture Section

:: posted 2009-10-01

Germany 2008 - Oldenburg

I finally added the first set of pictures from my trip to Germany last year. I try to add the other 2 shortly.
Featuring two amazing foosball (Kicker) videos. Well one is quite amazing. The other one shows me doing a simple trick.

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:: posted 2009-09-27

All blog images copied to this page

I copied all blog images from the old homepage to the new gallery. Check out the gallery section! It is much easier to browse through the images now.
There is still half of the text missing but while you read this it may already be updated.
Follow the link below to see an example gallery.

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:: posted 2009-09-24

New 'old' blog added

I added the new old blog when Elke and Olaf came to visit me for the first time in 2005.
All text is German only.

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:: posted 2009-09-22

Clonewars: Republic Heroes left the building.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heoes has gone gold (is completed) and will be released on the 6th of October on almost every platform you can imagine.
If you can't wait that long check out the Demo on PS3 marketplace and XBOX Life

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:: posted 2009-09-18

Lucas Arts Republic Heroes Homepage

New homepage in the making

This is my redesigned homepage. Very functional and not a lot of fancy design this time. I took the Spiegel homepage as a rolemodel.
This page uses a lot PHP code and a MySQL database. The server creates the page from the database and the site changes depending on the content.
Only the blog and image galleries are up and running for now and there is still a few comments missing from the old page.
I hope this upgrade will make additions like new photos or a new blog more easy for me and I will update the page more frequently from now on.

Check out the blog section

:: posted 2009-09-15

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