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Procedural Building Example

This is an example of a procedural building. I made it for an unreleased DLC level.

It shows all the components needed plus example buildings in a test level.

Jamie did some work for it when we started.

11 images :: 2K Australia :: unreal 3 :: 2012


Brick workers house

Above right image:

This is the high poly setup for the rebake of parts of the building after everyone was happy with the look.

Low poly pieces.

Top level: 242 verts
Balcony level: 925 verts
Entry level: 440 verts

Roof: 80 verts Top level: 197 verts
2nd level: 208 verts
Ground level: 390 verts

Cap wall top: 48 verts
Cap wall bottom: 26 verts

Above right image:

Diffuse, normal map and mask (4096 x 1024)

Right image:

All mesh pieces used for the buildings.

Right image:

More example test levels.

Previous image (11):

Setup of one of the 5 proc rules.

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