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BioShock Infinite Levels

Here are a few screenshots from the game Bioshock Infinite. This is one of the last levels in the game.

More level work for the discontinued multiplayer part of the game can be seen in the next section.

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Screenshots (PC version) - Comstock's Rooftop

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A game like this is done through the vision of a few exceptional developers and with the help of many creative individuals. I am glad that I could help creating this game.

I worked for about 2 years on this project. The first half of this time on a multiplayer component that was eventually discontinued. Irrational wanted to focus on the single player experience which was the right thing to do.

It is a good practice not to point out what exactly one person has done. It is a team effort. Someone will have an idea for a space, someone else will create the pieces for it and another person does the final touches. For consistency the whole game had a final pass from a small team so the player would enjoy a immersive experience.


This part of the game leads towards the final battle. It is the top of Comstock's House.

Most parts of this house are constructed using unreal's procedural building feature. The level architect places a simple volume and creates rules how the building meshes will be placed within the face of the volume. The benefit is that all meshes of the same type can be rendered in one instance.

The game gets darker at the end. A war is going on and the destruction is visible everywhere. The sky responds with a storm.

Comstock's Zeppelin


The final fight on Comstock's flagship zeppelin extends over multiple floors.

The walkways and railings are another example for the use of procedural building rules. We started using this technique for pretty much every element that is repeated many times.

Most parts of the large zeppelin hull are also constructed with a procedural building rule. In this shot the player glides from the outside to the inside of the zeppelin.


Editor Shots

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