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Frequently asked questions for ArchVizTools marketplace package

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I can't move

This and any other issues are caused by the missing Input.ini configuration file. Symptoms are not being able to move or being stuck on the loading screen.

Copy the Input.ini file from the example project to your project. This will assign the necessary controls.

The file is located in the 'MyProject/Config' folder.

Make sure you followed all the steps explained in the getting started section.

Getting started ...


Memory issues

Unreal maintains a texture pool caching as many textures as possible. The size has long been 1024 MB by default. Most video cards have a lot more memory than that. To change the texture pool size open the file 'MyProject/Config/DefaultEngine.ini and find and change, or add this line to the render section:


I would leave a bit of room for windows. In this example the video card has 4 GB of memory and I set it to 3 GB.

The new template for Arch Viz projects sets the size for reflection capture actors to 2048. Which is causing this error message seen on the left in most of my projects. You can reduce the size in the project settings or in the DefaultEngine.ini:



All preview images are rendered white

This assumes you have placed a render stage. This problem happens when a Sun and Sky Actor is in the scene. This actor is part of the new Archvis template from 4.24. The sun is extremely bright. The render to texture camera which renders the preview thumbs does not support exposure compensation. That makes all images extremely overexposed (white).

The work-around would be to manually set the sun brightness to something more reasonable, like 10 lux. Double click the directional light to make that change. You may also set the sun to be stationary if you want to bake the lighting.

As a good alternative I recommend the 'Ultra Dynamic Sky' from the marketplace which creates a great sky if exact positioning of the sun is not required. You could also use the sky setup from the ArchVizTools demo project.


Fixed: Mouse click moves the player around.

[V2.2 fixed in V2.3] The player may move around slightly when clicking anywhere other than a menu. Even when target move is disabled.

To fix this problem search for the Event Tick in the Event Graph of the SDotPlayerCharacterV2.

  • Add a branch right after the Tick node and plug the variable "Use Mouse to Target Move" into the Condition.
  • Then follow the white line to the next Branch node. Remove the "Use Mouse to Target Move" node from there and change the connections like in the yellow square in the image on the right.

  • image

    Fixed: VR Scene Travel Not Working (fixed in V2.4)

    [V2.3] has a bug where the scene travel feature including the quit button doesn't work in the VR-Style menu. To fix this get the patch (link below) and replace the 4 yellow marked blueprints or widgets. This will also fix the (X) being displayed instead of the (A) button on some VR menus.

  • SDotCharacterV2
  • SDot_VRDesignSchemes
  • SDot_VRScenarios
  • SDot_VRSceneTravels

    Extract the files to a temporary folder and then replace the 4 files in the folder
    ArchVizUi_V2_3/Content/ArchVizToolsV2/UI with the ones from the patch. Only for V2.3!

    Patch V2.3.1 ...

  • image

    Fixed: Moving Fridge

    [Fixed in V 2.5]

    The location and rotation offset of a swap mesh variation is not reset before applying the next offset. So when repeatedly choosing a variation the asset will slowly move away from it's origin.

    To fix that replace the nodes marked in the image below or replace the BP_SDotMeshSwaps blueprint in your UI folder with the one from the patch.

    Patch V2.4.1 ...


    Fixed: some preview images don't show up

    [fixed V2.6 5/2020]

    To fix this open the widget SDot_Combined_Swaps. Click on the [Graph] section on the top right. Look for the Function 'GetCustomPreview' and open it with a double click.

    Make the change seen in the image below. The green line from Input node 'Choice ID' needs to be connected to the 2nd 'Get' node and not the first one.

    This should fix all missing preview textures.


    Blueprint run-time errors

    You may get this error when you first play your project. The error means that there is no SDotTelePoint blueprint in the scene. The UI tries to prepare the data for the location widget. But because there isn't any tele points it tries to access 'none' as a name. It won't cause any other problems.

    It will disappear once you placed at least one of those locations into the scene as seen in the lower image.

    There might be other similar error messages if you don't place any of the other actors. The UI will still function. To avoid these messages simply place the missing actors or fill in the required details into the InfoMap blueprint.


    BUG: ESC doesn't quit the game

    This is an easy to fix problem. Open the SDotCharacterV2 and navigate to the EventGraph tab. Search for the red node InputAction QuitGame in the search window. In the green node 'Main Menu Icon Nav ID' change the value from 9 to 8. Compile and save.

    Now the ESC key should open the Travel / Quit menu.

    BUG: Light materials do not update emissive value

    Previous image (12):

    Open the SDotCharacterV2 and navigate to the EventGraph. Search for the custom event 'Switch Lighting Scenario'.
    Add the variable ActiveScenarioID to be set behind the blue 'Load Stream Level' node. Drag the variable into the viewport and choose 'Set ...'
    Finally connect the green line from the Lighting ID parameter to the Active Scenario ID in the SET node. You can connect it directly or via one of the reroute nodes.
    Compile and Save the Character Blueprint.

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