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Hellboy - The Science Of Evil

A game in the Hellboy universe. It was released with the 2nd Hellboy movie. Both Mike Mignoli and Guillermo del Toro had input into the story of the game.

Publisher: Konami
Platforms: PS3, XBOX 360 (also on DS in a different version)


12 images :: Krome :: merkury :: Professional :: 2007


Underground Mission

I worked on this mission most of the time. It is one of the later levels. The main enemy creatures are the frogs. I tried to put a few surprise moments into this mission.

The frogs can follow paths along walls or ceilings. I had to set up these paths. It was pretty much try and error to find out if they work and how it looked. They would randomly choose a path so it would look like they are moving freely.


The Arena - There are about a hundred characters watching the fight. They start cheering when Hellboy gets close to them. All they do is to play an animation when the player enters a radius around them. It did look very good.


Multiple frogs are attacking.


The start of the underground mission.

A lot of items in the game can be destroyed or used as a weapon. Level designers like me placed these items.



I temporary worked on visual prop placement in this mission but a lot of them were removed later on.

I set up the culling zones. They had to be set up manually in a time consuming way.


The white boss ape.


Nazi's are attacking.


Apes again.


Japanese Level

I did some work on this level too for a short time.


It looked pretty nice if it would have come out when it was finished. But Konami put it on the shelf a year later when the movie came out. Then it already looked outdated.


Hellboy in action. Some of his melee attacks were really cool.


Box Art

PS3 version

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